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  • Tailor-made costume : Exclusive Services
    Become a customer of the house ADRIANO BARI is to enter a world of exclusive privileges and services ... - We offer a touch-up throughout the life of our clothes in order to guarantee to you a garment always perfectly adjusted to your body. - At the end of each season, we do a complete control of the costumes that we sell. All stitch
  • Tailor-made costume : Adriano Bari : Bespoke tailoring everywhere in France and countries bordering
    Our customers in Paris, then in Geneva, were seduced above all, by the exceptional quality of our products and services. The financial advantage, certainly considerable, is only one element among others. Because of this success, now we can add "tailor-made clothes everywhere in France and countries bordering" to our list of exclusive service
  • Tailor-made costume : La garde-robe
    L'élégance est naturelle ou même involontaire, elle fuit l'ostentation. L'élégance est inexplicable, elle peut être simplement montrée comme la beauté. Grâce à la connaissance des tissus, il est possible de se constituer une garde-robe idéale en fonction de son âge, de sa morphologie ainsi que de l'environnement (notamment les saisons)